Some may be familiar with songwriter David Eugene Edwards, and his work with Denver’s 16 Horsepower – an alternative country act who blended traditional elements of country with hard rock. It was whilst on a hiatus, in 2000, that Edwards founded the darker and heavier Wovenhand who play this year’s Old Empire curated main stage at The Electric Ballroom on Friday 3rd May.

What sets Wovenhand apart from the norm is the sheer diversity of the music that they produce, which although is hard rock, folk and country at the core, has grown to encompass bluegrass, gothic rock, world music and much more. You cannot pigeonhole them at all, and that’s very much part of the charm.

Edwards, as principal songwriter, unapologetically tackles subjects such as faith, pain, guilt, misery, spirituality, conflict and redemption – and it’s done so with such intensity, that it will become apparent that Wovenhand bring weight not just in their music – but in lyrical content. It’s punishing and miserable, yet enlightening and rewarding at the same time.
If you’re a fan of acts like Nick Cave, Swans, The Handsome Family, Those Poor Bastards, or Steve Von Till – then the Old Empire stage is the place to be.

Words: Rich Harris