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Sandwiched somewhere between the rapid-fire, speed-guzzling lunacy of punk and the distinctly bourbon-scented outright abandon of heavy rock n' roll, you'll find Seattle's underground legends of the riff, Zeke. Now heading into their 25th year together of blasting those raging motorcycle anthems of rebellion, attitude and sheer heads-up metallic mania, Zeke are finally back upon our shores and we're thrilled to announce they'll be joining us in Camden for Desertfest 2018!

Formed by gasoline-lunged frontman Blind Marky Felchtone as a firm "Zeke You!" to the grunge boom of '93, Zeke have certainly been through their fair share of line-up changes over the years. But no-one could ever fault this collective's commitment to blending both punk and metal together into one great, glorious fusion of warped, in-your-face, aggressive, yet good-time rock. Early records like Dirty Sanchez and Kicked in the Teeth focused more on the foursome's hardcore punk roots with dozens of 60-second bursts of precision sonic detonation each time. But a switch from Epitaph to Relapse Records in 2004 brought with it a welcome additional side-road into more hard rock-leaning territories on Til the Livin End and a successive raft of split releases. Things have been quiet in the Zeke camp for a few years of late, but now, almost fourteen years after the iconic Til the Livin' End broke all our necks, Zeke are back with a new full-length Hellbender and the wheels of their hotrod of a live show are beginning to whirr once again into gear.

So, from Dölphunwülf to Death Alley, get ready to Ride With Zeke once again this coming April at Desertfest 2018!

Words: Pete Green