Norwich heavyweights Sleemo combine a scattershot mix of stoner metal, hardcore and alt-rock for an entirely unique and heavy sound.

Having spent the last year touring and performing alongside the likes of Jamie Lenman, Ditz, CLT DRP and Whores., Norwich heavyweights Sleemo are about to 2024 even harder.

Their 2023 debut release, ‘Call To The Void’, is an impactful musical statement that puts their unique and heavy sound firmly on the map, garnering immense favour from fans and critics alike. The album has continued to cement Sleemo’s penchant for thick heavy riffs, melodic hooks, philosophical and psychological lyrics and unconventional left-field live sounds that make you move, headbang and keep you on edge.

After a successful headline tour in November which featured a stellar sell out show in their hometown of Norwich, Sleemo show that they are not a band to sleep on and are already gearing themselves up to be your next favourite, hard-hitting three piece of 2024.

Desertfest London 2024