Edinburgh’s DVNE play their own unique brand of night sky-gazing melodic sludge.

They specialize in extended trips that investigate worm-infested deserts of gut wrenchingly emotive heaviness, juxtaposed with guitar breaks that sometimes honour classic extreme metal. Early-period Mastodon fans should take note, they also know the importance of using progressive changes and all-conquering vocals to mould their long-form records into a cohesive whole.

In the last five years DVNE have been building a steady reputation, with three releases so far. Their most recent was Asheran last year. They have supported luminaries such as Eyehategod, Elder and Red Fang, and played a mercurial set at Psycho Las Vegas this year.

On-stage they are something to behold. Heads-down with the volume at 11, scenes of destruction, desolation and absolution are conjured up in their epic soundscapes of post-metal ebb and flow. We can officially guarantee the spice will be flowing in this coming Desertfest!

Words: Rich Sheppard