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Even after seven editions of Desertfest, with hundreds of bands passing through Camden, we’re constantly inundated with proclamations that it’s an outrage that certain bands have never graced our stages; there’s perhaps no name more frequently uttered in these outbursts than San Diego’s finest, Earthless.

FINALLY, on our eighth mammoth bill, the hardest jamming band in the universe, Earthless, are touching down to shred our corner of London to the ground. Birthed in California in 2001, Earthless have been the epitome of psyched-out Hendrixian-krautrock from day one; every full length, from 2005’s Sonic Prayer to 2018’s Black Heaven (not to mention their countless impeccable splits), brimming with non-stop riffs for days in their inimitable and infectious style - one which, if you can’t groove to, you need to check your eardrums, your pulse and your entire world philosophy.

Earning plaudits from all corners within the heavy scene as well as outside (even finding themselves receiving a shoutout from the crown prince of cynicism, Bill Burr), it’s hard to see Earthless as anything other than sheer rock perfection; both for and from the ages. Make sure you strap in for the experience at Desertfest 2019.

Words: Tom Geddes