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We promised you we weren’t done yet. After months of building what we are certain is our biggest and heaviest lineup yet, it’s time to announce the last bands for Desertfest 2018; all 22 of them, including Sunday's co-headliner.

First up this team of cosmonauts has been in search of utopia, infinity and beyond for a staggering nigh-on fifty years now.  As a collective that has defined genres, influenced every single record that you and your folks have ever liked, and spawned off-shoots such as a little rock ‘n roll band you might have heard of called Motörhead, their importance to every single one of us cannot be overstated, and we are damn well chuffed to announce that Hawkwind’s silver machine will be touching down at Cape Camden as they co-headline Desertfest 2018!

Thirty albums down the line, these British kings of the underground are still going strong under the leadership of none other than founding member and Grand Wizard of Space Rock, David Anthony Brock. We can’t wait for their unstoppable Wind to rip through Desertfest as co-headliners of our huge Sunday at The Roundhouse.

Also announced are North Carolina’s ASG who have been blasting their brand of stoner metal since the beginning of the century and have a healthy five albums in the vaults. Iowan power trio, Radio Moscow, whose reputation as one of the most exciting, eclectic and electric bands in the scene is hard to argue with will be joining them as will Wino as he pulls double duty on top of his The Obsessed appearance to play a special acoustic set.

Gothenburg three-piece Monolord have ascended to the upper echelons of stoner-doom royalty in recent years, rightfully earning their place at Desertfest. Satanic sludge merchants Sourvein will be spreading darkness with their vast back catalogue of brutal filth, with Belgians, Steak Number Eight, bringing postmetal to the mix.

Poland’s reefer riffers Dopelord make their Desertfest debut, as do psych rockers Dead Witches and King Buffalo. Boston’s Kind, a stoner rock supergroup, are on the heaving lineup, alongside the chaotic sonic assault of Cattle and French retro rockers The Necromancers.

Crumpet, the latest project of all round hero Bill Steer, make an early appearance at Desertfest. They’re joined by two vastly different bands in the shape of Brighton’s wall of misery, Solleme, and upbeat Marylanders, Lionize.

But we’re not done yet, post-apocalyptic Danish metalers, LLNN, skull flattening doom peddlers Chrch and the grim sludge of Mastiff all squeeze onto the bill, with monolithic two-piece, Tuskar, a solo appearance from ex-Arrows Down and Crystal Head’s Tom Cameron and the swampy rock of Lo Chief rounding off a mammoth year of announcements for Desertfest.

So with a lineup now totalling over 70 of the best bands the underground has to offer, what better time than now to make sure you’re at the heaviest weekend of the year? Book your tickets at the website today.