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Nightshift Desertfest 2018_LOW RES.jpg

Our friends at Nightshift Promotions have been smashing it at The Dev for the last few Desertfest weekends, and 2018 is no different. This year, they’ll be bringing six diverse, but equally dark bands that will be sure to pack out one of Camden’s best pubs

Headlining the stage are Darkher, the melodic creation of Jayn H. Wissenberg whose beautiful vocals are complemented by the rumbling guitars of collaberating husband Martin T. Wissenberg. 2016’s Realms is a must listen record, which journeys through the haunting and the challenging. With the addition in 2017 of original My Dying Bride Drummer Rick Miah, Darkher’s sound has grown yet more ominous, and we can’t wait to catch them this May.

They’ll be joined by Colchester’s Telepathy. Formed by the three Turek brothers & Richard Powley before later being joined by bassist Teddy James Driscoll. The band adds a breath of life into post-metal, showing there is still plenty to be said within the genre. Last year’s Tempest may well have been one of the better post-metal releases of the decade, with sludginess in abundance.

Ghent, Belgium’s Crowd of Chairs will also be on the bill, bringing a sound that is hard to pin down within a genre. Their experimental style, which has elements of math-rock influence seeping inwards. For best reference of their sound, seek out last year’s release, FUCK FUCK FUCK and wallow in the noise.

Chicago’s Snow Burial join the bill, bringing another slab of post-metal though this time filtered through The Melvins and Converge. Heavy and brooding, though at times strangely bouncy, the energy pulsating through their music has a distinctly punk feel.

Monolithian bring us blackened doom from Falmouth. Their crushing boulder of reverbing fuzz is brutal, but matched equally by the precision of the band’s slightly psych-tinged floatier sections.

Last but not least, openers The Moth are a Hamburg based three-piece who have been turning heads in their currently short lifespan. Rattling sludge pinned together with dual vocals of bassist Cécile Ash and guitarist Freden Mohrdiek, The Moth will undoubtedly be a highlight of the weekend.

The Nightshift Promotions Stage will take place at The Dev on Saturday 5th May and will be open to any Desertfest three-day or Saturday passes. Make sure you get down early to ensure your spot inside as The Dev is our smallest venue. With these latest additions, and still more to announce in the coming weeks, Desertfest 2018 is just getting bigger and bigger. Book your tickets today to make sure you don’t miss out on the UK’s premier underground festival.