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DF2018 - Quietus.jpg

The Quietus stage is back again for Desertfest 2018, this year taking place at The Black Heart on Friday 4th May. In the past few years, The Quietus team have brought us a diverse stage with some of the most exciting bands at the festival and this year, as ever, they’ve provided some of the lineup’s more unique and experimental bands.

Headlining The Quietus stage this year are White Hills whose concentrated blasts of interstellar noise with a tank load of psychedelic glam makes them the truest space rock goliaths of our time. Their preposterously prolific output, with studio albums now in double figures, has been one glorious trip to the outer reaches after another. White Hills’ music is not so much a sprawling and bloated psych-rock behemoth as a concentrated blast of otherworldly energy and so their shuddering, booming, blistering yet blissful intensity is something to behold; they are the worthiest of headliners for The Quietus’ stage.

They’ll be joined by Ghold, whose balance between crashing waves of and vacuums void of sound creates an unsettling feeling live and on record. Their latest release, 2017’s Stoic escalated the concept of stripping down sound, casting aside every unnecessary beat before inviting noiselessness to settle into the seams. It’s an experience to behold.

Snapped Ankles have long been lurking in the darkest depths of the wood. They are a feral, primal proposition, a quite literal force of nature. The band’s debut album Come Play The Trees rose from the soil last Autumn, a ferocious, frantic delight of an LP that made its way straight to the upper echelons of The Quietus’ favourites of 2017.

Also appearing on the bill are Newcastle based psych-noise supergroup, Melting Hand, the colossal, chaotic explosion of a band Casual Nun and garage-psych Londoners with hooks as catchy as their name, Swedish Death Candy. Yet again, The Quietus Stage holds the glory of hosting the most divergent stack of bands on the Desertfest lineup. Make sure you don’t miss out this May.