Homegrown heroes - London’s finest at the forefront

The UK’s heavy rock and stoner scene keeps growing every year, and we’re stoked to have a variety of both newer as well as older, more established bands at this year’s festival. When thinking of the UK stoner scene it’s unavoidable for Orange Goblin not to come to mind. It’s sort of become tradition for them to stay in hibernation until Christmas is around the corner, and for them then to break out and give one and all a heavy sending into the festive season. However, we’ve managed to lure them out in spring, which is a pretty rare sight and we wonder if they might just burst in the British sunshine. Joining Orange Goblin on the bill, is heavy doom connoisseurs Conan, who’s heavy riffs have made them one of the most important names in the UK scene over the past couple of years, and taken them on tour with, for example, doom giants Sleep. "The UK stalwarts will be playing their legendary record “Monnos” in full to celebrate their return to Desertfest, frontman Jon Davies shares the excitement - "Since we wrote and recorded Monnos in 2012 we have been fortunate to travel the world, playing almost every continent, all due to some awesome people. Thanks to our relationship with the people at Desertfest, who have been particularly supportive of our quest, we have agreed to perform Monnos in its entirety at Desertfest London 2020, playing songs such as ‘Headless Hunter’ and ‘Invincible Throne’ for the first time in many years. CONAN thank you for this opportunity and we’ll see you in May!" As far as the newer bands on the bill goes, we’ve got London locals Green Lung, who with their 2019 debut album ‘Woodland Rites’ exploded out of the underground scene to critical acclaim, with the likes of Metal Hammer, Kerrang! and The Guardian all singing their praises, the latter claiming ‘This is heavy metal how it should be done!’ They’ve also toured both the UK and Europe, and shared stages with acts such as Conan, Puppy and Conjurer. Another new name on the bill, and maybe unknown to most, is Green Lung’s fellow Londoners ‘Morag Tong’. Despite being pretty new to the scene, the four piece has already released two albums, as well as making a name for themselves as a fantastic live band. Mixing elements of eastern psychedelia and heavy riffs, these guys bring to mind bands such as OM and Electric Wizard and are well worth a watch. credits: Ella Stormark