Human_Disease_Promo are back once again to clobber Camden with a wicked wodge of heaviness this May, as we find ourselves striding boldly forward toward another Desertfest here in good old London Town. The sensory overload of this city has always been a soothing cathartic virtue to us and we seek to reflect that within the music we like to celebrate with you each year. 2020 is no exception, with a host of bands at the top of their game blasting in to town to satisfy a dastardly hole that’s screaming to be plugged !


The US west coast’s BIG BUSINESS have never lingered in the stagnation of obviousness, and their blend of dexterous rhythmic tomfoolery makes for one mesmerising spectacle to behold each and every time they’re in town. We’re bloody stoked to have them heading up the Underworld with us at this edition of the festival. Joining the proceedings, we also welcome the legendry sea merchants of North Carolina’s dirge coast - T-roy’s swaggering crew SOURVEIN, returning for their first reappearance since their shortened set with us back in 2014! Continuing the theme of long-standing stalwarts of their respective subsets, Stockholm’s SWITCHBLADE are rolling in to pummel us sideways, expanded up from usual duo to a full band force for maximum cerebral asphyxiation at this rare London show (their first here for nearly 9 years !). In another first for the festival and for the UK as a whole, Osaka’s BLACKLAB are set to materialise their dual spectral doom in Europe for the very first time with us, an absolute coup for us here at Desertfest HQ and one which we can’t wait to witness. With Sheffield’s misery-hungry BLIND MONARCH also weighing in to start the day with a slice of catastrophically heavy neg-riff bombardment, we really couldn’t ask for much more of a fitting way to get our tenure at The Underworld on Friday 1st May, deep down in the dark underbelly of festival, spiralling forward!


But… with ever the itch to scratch…  we weren’t happy to leave it there. We believe there’s simply too much mighty music out there not to give you some more for the road ! So, this year, we’re shoving forth ANOTHER stage of insane loudness to finish off your weekend good n proper ! (Thank us in liquor at the after party!). On the Sunday, pumping directly into the critical valve of the festival at The Black Heart venue we’re also bringing you : Danish intense blackened hardcore with HEXIS; a hypnotic melee of psycho-sludge hatred from OPIUM LORD; brazen, supercharged riff juice with super-dudes SHUCK, deranged chaotic wrangling in the form of beastly duo HUMAN LEATHER; blinding cacophonous destruction from Welsh trio TIDES OF SULFUR; and also, thunderous, tweaked, heavy craziness with the mind-shattering UNDER. 


We’re honoured to be bringing this mix of gigantic sound to Desertfest 2020 from both far east, far west, from the frozen north and also from deep within the UK’s own swirling underground. We urge to catch as many of these awesome sets as possible, but whatever you watch, one thing’s for certain… intensity will prevail !