The Electric Paintbrush... Tattooing at Desertfest London

We told you we had some special things in store & yes, you read it right. For the first time in our 10 year history, you can get tattooed at Desertfest London! Curated by the formidable Will Dozer, & his upcoming shop ‘The Electric Paintbrush’, revellers will have the opportunity to make a life-long pledge to the memory of Desertfest. With 5 hand-picked tattooists from around the globe, The Electric Paintbrush will offer a choice of 25 designs, all exclusively created for, and inspired by, the event. 🎨
We are so excited for this new aspect of the festival, which will be located on Greenland Place & open from 12pm daily on a first come, first served basis. Deposits will be required to hold yer spot, y ou can check out the flash sheet below so come prepared!