Long-time collaborators of Desertfest, the immutable Human-disease Promo-london have once again curated two extra-special stages of noise-filled brutality for DF London 2023. A week from today they will be taking over The Underworld, followed by The Black Heart on Sunday night. This is your last chance to join us for the festivities. Saturday tickets are sold out, but you can nab a Friday or Sunday HERE
King of the Underground 5-Patty Stacks Stgrn Matt takes us through what’s on offer:
The Underworld | Friday 
Discharge – over 40 years the crust outfit have dominated the hardcore punk world with their pioneering d-beat dissemination of the public id on everything from nuclear war to government incompetency.. missing them would be a total crime
BAD BREEDING – the new breed of angry anarcho punx snarling at the system’s failings, ready to rage
Dawn Ray’d – staunchly anti-fascist violin weilding black metal metal trio without confines or boundaries
Kurokuma – Sheffields heaviest trio slam in their pummelling cacophonous doomed noise to bleed your ears out !
Terror Cósmico – in space no-one can hear you scream ! 2-piece instrumental riffs from Mexico city via the milky-way !
The Black Heart | Sunday
Celestial Sanctuary – British death-metal’s new wave flag bearers are here to destroy
Morass Of Molasses – heavy riff slinging blue boogie trio with a thousand licks
Warren Schoenbright – bleak introspective blackened noise-rock.. truly crushing
Venomwolf – charged up crusted thrash peddlers
Bloodswamp – blackened swirling melancholic doomed-metal
Black Groove – south coast savage sludge punk attack
Artwork by Seventh Bell