Blackpool’s Blanket have risen to success on the strength of two EPs and last year’s How To Let Go LP, which was recorded under Music For Nations, a label that snapped them up quickly after their formation in 2016.

Initially started by Bobby Pook (guitar, vocals) and Simon Morgan (guitar), Blanket has been creating sweeping Post-Rock soundscapes for nigh-on four years, joined along the way by the ample talents of Steven Pellatt (drums) and Matthew Sheldon (bass). The band has toured Europe tirelessly for the last two years, both of which boasted crowd-slaying performances at throughout.

Ranging from cinematic piano-lead introspection that Radiohead fans will feel at home with, to violent crescendos that may even remind you of prime Deftones, each song is an event unto itself that explores the ultimate extremes that these skilled sonic conjurors can summon. Come wrap yourself in the varied textures and epic compositions of Blanket at Desertfest 2019! 

Words: Rich Sheppard