If you purchased 2020 Weekend Tickets, or ‘Anniversary Vouchers’ they will automatically carry over to 2022, our friends at DICE will take care of this. However, due to the addition of two new Roundhouse stages, existing ticket holders will require a ‘Roundhouse Upgrade’ to ensure access to The Roundhouse for the weekend. DICE will be in contact with more details for these upgrades, you have until Friday May 7th 2021 to add a Roundhouse upgrade. Hit Unlock tickets and enter the code DFRH2022, select ‘Weekend Ticket (Roundhouse Upgrade)’.

Those not wishing to include the ‘Roundhouse Upgrade’ to existing tickets, or who have not upgraded their ticket by May 7th 2021, will have access to the Electric Ballroom, Underworld, Black Heart & The Dev only. We hope you’ll understand the cost to push our festival line-up to new heights, requires a small additional fee. Hopefully you’ll agree that £16.50 to see Electric Wizard, Shellac, YOB, Elder & more is pretty fair!

Existing day ticket holders have the option to upgrade to a full 2022 weekend ticket until Friday May 7th 2021, or claim a refund via DICE and re-book for their chosen day. Hit Unlock tickets and enter the code DFW2022, select ‘Weekend Ticket (Upgrade)’. Due to the logistical changes to the original 2020 line-up and inclusion of new venues, we cannot roll-over existing 2020 day tickets.

Existing Ticket Holders Options:

- Weekend roll-over to 2022 without Roundhouse upgrade (access only to Electric Ballroom, Underworld, Black Heart & The Dev)

- Weekend roll-over to 2022 with Roundhouse upgrade - £15 +fees (available until May 7th 2021)

- Day ticket holders upgrade to full weekend ticket - £92 + fees – or will be issued a refund (available until May 7th 2021)

- Full refund, please contact DICE