In a time when more than one thousand stoner/doom albums are released in a year, it's hard to stand out, let alone do it with every single release. But that's just what veteran Washington, DC riff-masters Borracho have done over more than 10 years of bringing the heavy.

BORRACHO is a heavy rock trio hailing from Washington, D.C. Over more than a decade of consistently strong releases and live appearances, they have become a staple of the stoner/doom scene and earned a large international following. With five critically
acclaimed LPs, a compilation of non-album releases, and numerous single and split releases, the band has sold thousands of records all over the word, and shared stages with some of the genre’s most popular and influential acts.

Their fifth LP, ‘Blurring the Lines of Reality’ was released in the summer of 2023 and was the Doom Charts #6 album of 2023.

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