Birthed right off the Handgun Highway of Northwest Indiana, raised on well water; the band cut their teeth in the closest major city they could find their way to Chicago, Illinois.

Cloakroom prove time and time again that you can do what you want whenever you want to. Their sound has been described as post-metal, shoegaze, americana, stoner-rock, slowcore, and folk. They’re not much to look at but they sure write some captivating music. Dissolution Wave, the second LP released by Relapse Records is a space opera following a suicidal space miner who eventually turns it all around and learns to count their blessings. It’s a bumpy road of “space-rock” with a midwestern charm that lamentably a lot of folks have found some catharsis within. Cloakroom is a band that plays loud and travels light. Say what you will, certainly not cowards.

Desertfest London 2024