Do not expect neat, polished, note perfect, carefully constructed opuses in this environment. Noisepicker are loud, abrasive and in constant flux influenced by their love of all things doom, punk and blues. Come stare aghast at it.

With a quarter of a century of noise making history behind him, singer and guitarist Harry Armstrong returns, alongside drummer Kieran Murphy, as Noisepicker prepare to release their second album, available this summer via Exile On Mainstream Records.

Also known as Orange Goblin’s current bass player, you may well have caught Armstrong on countless festival line ups with Blind River, End Of Level Boss, The Earls Of Mars, Hangnail, Firebird, The Winchester Club, Decomposed and many, many more.

Having released their first album “Peace Off” in 2018, other commitments (and the dreaded C-19 shutdown) put Noisepicker on a slight hiatus, until a stash of un-used riff ideas spilled into the air and collided to make what is about to be their second full-length release.

Desertfest London 2024