Orsak:Oslo is one of those rare gems. Always grinding, always perfecting the imperfections. The four-piece has been steadily working in the underground for years, humbly paving their way with a mellow, laidback, yet intense sound.

Orsak:Oslo, or just O:O, is a hard working scandinavian collective that play a melancholic brew of psych, kraut, post-rock and doom with gentle fuzz-filled melodies and a noticeable nordic atmosphere. O:O was founded by Christian from Gothenburg, Sweden and Øyvind from Oslo, Norway. Summer of 2014, they released their first EP ‘Torggata Sway’, named after the street where they first met, and lived together in a small flat shared with 8 people. They soon found Peter Nilsson and Bjarne Karlsson, and through their mutual passion for music and shared mindset of collective work, the bond was forged. Today, Orsak:Oslo can already look back on a bunch of physical and digital releases.

Their debut album ‘In Irons’ has been making waves since its release in April 2023, garnering stellar reviews from The Obelisk, Everything is Noise, Luminous Dash, Echoes and Dust, and many other esteemed publications. Also, the album has gained significant playlist placements, including features on Roadburn Festival’s ‘Roadburn: Essential Sounds’ and Weedian’s ‘Best Releases of the Week.’

Following the release, the band joined King Buffalo (US) as support on a small portion of their European tour, as well as securing a spot on 2023’s Freak Valley Festival.

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