Stinking Lizaveta

If you want to know how hard Stinking Lizaveta rocks, ask people who rock. “When people ask who my greatest musical in?luences are, they typically expect me to say Black Sabbath or Slayer. The real answer includes the mighty Stinking Lizaveta,” said guitarist Kyle Schutt of the Sword. “A truly masterful set of musicians.”

Born in West Philadelphia basements, raised in a blue Chevy van, Stinking Lizaveta has spent almost three decades building an unmatched catalog of instrumental rock, starting with its self-titled 1995 EP released on Joe Lally’s (of Fugazi) Tolotta Records.

“They blew us all away,” recalled Gary Mader, bass guitarist with Eyehategod. “Heavy in a whole different way – dynamic riffs with fractal perfection, a rhythm section with the ?luidity and warmth of old school jazz, and guitar leads that made vocals unnecessary.”

In June of 2023, the band released its ninth album, Anthems and Phantoms which ?inds Stinking Lizaveta as challenging and vital as ever.

“Their latest work ?inds them inspired and in full stride,” says Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton. “Heavy, hypnotic grooves. Soaring lead guitar. Swaggering riffs that peel away into lurching, angular blasts. Driving ?lows that feel balanced and cohesive.”

“Stinking Lizaveta has always brought the raw, un?iltered truth,” said Damon Locks, vocalist with Black Monument Ensemble. “Every Stink release is worth your time and this one is no exception.”

None of it happens by accident. Named for a doomed Dostoyevsky character, known as “the Stinkies” to friends, Stinking Liz’s trademark is meticulously arranged, carefully rehearsed, furiously deployed rock compositions that feature generous strains of jazz, classical, punk and even Greek music.

“How do we tell stories without preaching, with just an upright electric bass, guitar and drums? Compelling melody. Hypnotizing rhythm. Passion and detail,” explains drummer Cheshire Agusta.

And where many bands crumble under the weight of their own ambitions, Stinking Lizaveta stands up strong, wielding its spiky, elaborate tunes like a gladiator’s mace. Live or on record, the band delivers its material with fury, precision, swing and – rarest of all among heavy bands – an unmistakable sense of joy.

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