The Grudge

The Grudge is a ten-legged cacophony dedicated to lifting your spirits through riffs and volume.

Forged in 2014 around the idea that music sounds best when it’s blended from the finest ingredients – The Grudge take the electric gloom of Black Sabbath and roll it up with the assured strut of ZZ Top. To flavour things further, their blistering brand of whip-crack rock & roll is served with potent shots of Motörhead, Clutch and Eyehategod. Their music will not cure your hangover – instead, it will send you back to the bar and insist on another round, this time with whiskey chasers.

To see the Grudge live is to experience a formidable sermon on the catharsis of noise. An aural tsunami. Most don’t know whether to bang their heads or shake their rump – the compulsion to do both is strong.

Cranked guitars are wrapped around elaborate, lyrical tales of space travel, monkeys, vikings and booze. It all adds up to a barnstorming celebration with cannon fire riffs and heavy beats. Listen for yourself via the band’s newest release, an ode to rowdy nights set to a rolling swagger – BARREL FULL O’ SMOKE.
A Grudge performance is a party in the engines of a 747. You are invited. Your friends are invited. Voices will be raised. Mayhem is encouraged.

“The proof is through the roof!”

Desertfest London 2024