Under The Ashes

Under The Ashes are a new band with an old sound, for fans of Sacrilege, Bolt Thrower and Slayer.

Under The Ashes came together in London in late 2022, with the goal of combining classic thrash, metallic crust, traditional doom and heavy metal, all while harking back to a time before these sub-genres became separate and codified.

The four-piece includes current and former members of Dungeon, Age of Taurus and Decomposed.

Under The Ashes already have a number of well-received shows under their bullet belts. Their upcoming DIY-produced demo highlights their versatility — ranging from grand, twin-guitar melodies to raging, neck-snapping riffs — and will help to establish Under The Ashes’ position among the crop of exciting new bands now emerging in the UK.

Desertfest London 2024