Roaring guitars. Thunderous drums. Howling vocals. After 10 years of silent suffering, Wolfshead has returned with a vengeance.

UK sludge metal duo Wolfshead broke cover in 2012, immediately attracting attention for blending a range of stylistic influences into a unique musical identity, underpinned by unrelenting sonic onslaught.

A run of destructively loud live shows alongside Conan, Witchsorrow, GHOLD and BongCauldron cemented their reputation amongst the UK’s heaviest doom metal acts. Their demise was as rapid as their ascent, bowing out after an appearance at Desertfest 2014 and performing with celebrated Japanese doom metal luminaries Church of Misery later the same year.

2024 sees the rebirth of a darker, more introspective and more misanthropic Wolfshead. Their return to Desertfest will be preceded by the first new material in 12 years, and will showcase the next phase in the duo’s pursuit of genre-bending sludge metal catharsis.

Desertfest London 2024